Baltic Investors’ Forum is one of the most important economic events in the Baltic region. It addresses key topics and issues, reviews future trends and looks for answers to the most pressing questions. Carefully crafted program, world-renowned speakers, and discussions on key economic and political issues – this is the foundation of BIF. In addition, participants in the event have an excellent opportunity to engage with business elite, academics, representatives from political parties and NGOs. BIF is not just a business conference. This is the most important business meeting of the year.


In the spotlight – development of politics, economics and technology and their impact on business and our social environment. Top-level speakers, like George Friedman, Jim Scheel, Robert J. Shiller or Ted C. Fishman, share their insights. During the conference we find out about success stories in the region, learn their lessons, discussing and together looking for answers to the most pressing issues.


The biannual event bringing together more than 300 stakeholders provide a unique platform for leaders from the government, political parties, business, academia and civil society to discuss the most important issues as well as explore cooperation possibilities and growth initiatives in the Baltic area. Over 50 honorary Consuls of Lithuania and Attache come to each conference and bring together foreign business delegations to meet with the participants. To keep the focus, the discussions follow SMART approach. They are meaningful and aspiring, yet timely, realistic and proposing concrete actions.


Networking is a particularly important part of BIF, as it brings together leaders and experts from various sectors. The forum gives a great opportunity to meet active, talented and creative people, and make the most of it. A special networking and matchmaking arrangement – B2B meetings – is at disposal of companies and enterprises to establish new business relationships and foster higher volume of trade and investment. Companies and business organizations can book meetings with each other and consult with experts who are competent in cross-border business relationships.

Impressions from previous conferences

  • BIF – the best way to start a meaningful and eventful summer.

    Nerijus Mačiulis

    Nerijus Mačiulis

    Chief Economist at Swedbank
  • Baltic Investors Forum attracts many creative, influential and active people from different industries. It is a platform to share innovative ideas, discuss challenges that we face in the Baltic region as well as discover new cooperation opportunities.

    Dr. Dalius Misiunas

    Dr. Dalius Misiunas

    CEO Lietuvos Energija
  • BIF is not just a typical business conference. It is a forum for debates on economic strategy of the future, a truly international event with discussions about long term challenges.

    Dovilė Burgienė

    Dovilė Burgienė

    Ellex Valiunas partner

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