There is nothing permanent except change. Things we took for granted, seemingly unchallenged values, such as free international trade, no longer look so self-evident. Even more questions will be raised after another wave of elections, with everyone trying to predict its outcome and impact on political and economic processes in the Baltics, Europe, and globally.

Other upcoming changes may not be as obvious: aging being replaced by longevity, society 5.0 and its effect on societal transformation. Technologies that permeate more and more spheres of our activities. Influence of technologies on financial sector and its future trends. Finally, a question that arises while observing these changes: do the rules change as well? Should we reject it or re-write it?

These issues are but a part of agenda at Baltic Investors Forum 2019, one of the key conferences in the region. Join us and world-renowned speakers, business, academy, political leaders and NGOs to discuss one of the most important questions: what ‘s next?


The biannual event bringing together more than 500 stakeholders provide a unique platform for leaders from the government, political parties, business, academia and civil society to discuss the most important issues as well as explore cooperation possibilities and growth initiatives in the Baltic area.

Over 50 honorary Consuls of Lithuania and Attache come to each conference and bring together foreign business delegations to meet with the participants.

To keep the focus, the discussions follow SMART approach. They are meaningful and aspiring, yet timely, realistic and proposing concrete actions.


Networking is a particularly important part of BIF, as it brings together leaders and experts from various sectors. The forum gives a great opportunity to meet active, talented and creative people, and make the most of it.

A special networking and matchmaking arrangement – B2B meetings – is at disposal of companies and enterprises to establish new business relationships and foster higher volume of trade and investment. Companies and business organizations can book meetings with each other and consult with experts who are competent in cross-border business relationships.


Impressions from previous conferences

  • BIF – the best way to start a meaningful and eventful summer.

    Nerijus Mačiulis

    Nerijus Mačiulis

    Chief Economist at Swedbank
  • Baltic Investors Forum attracts many creative, influential and active people from different industries. It is a platform to share innovative ideas, discuss challenges that we face in the Baltic region as well as discover new cooperation opportunities.

    Dr. Dalius Misiunas

    Dr. Dalius Misiunas

    Chairman of the Board and CEO at Maxima Grupė
  • BIF takes center stage in Vilnius where participants connect, network, and expand their investment horizons. The conference brings together top notch panelists and presenters along with an excellent audience. It’s relevant, insightful and engaging for investors - and beyond.

    Daiva Čekanauskas Navarrette

    Daiva Čekanauskas Navarrette

    Honorary Consul of Lithuania in California


Tickets for 399 Eur + VAT until 1st of April. From 2nd of April price will be 499 Eur + VAT. If 5 or more tickets for one company needed, please contact the office: [email protected]

Check here if you accept these terms.

Urtė Neniškytė

Dr. Urte Neniskyte graduated from Vilnius University in 2008, receiving Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biochemistry. In 2012, received the Doctorate Degree in Biochemistry from St John's College, Cambridge (United Kingdom). 2013-2016, Postdoctoral Fellow at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Italy) under the post-doctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. In 2016, received the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship. Research Fellow at the Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre.

Dr. Urtė Neniškytė’s field of scientific interest and work is the interaction of neurons and immune cells in the brain. Dr. Urtė Neniškytė researched the cellular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and was the co-author for the first articles on cell death. The researcher is currently involved in the research of molecular mechanisms of brain network pruning, during which immune brain cells remove unnecessary connections from the developing neuron network, creating the conditions for the formation of a structurally and functionally developed network.

Together with co-authors, Dr. Urtė Neniškytė published more than 10 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals, gave lectures in international conferences in Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, the Kingdom of Netherlands, France, Germany, the USA and elsewhere.

Tal Sharon

Tal Sharon Adv. C.P.A., Managing Director at Equitech Financial Consulting and a FinTech Master. Tal is a consultant specializing in analyzing corporates and financial institute’s requirements, bringing to the table vast financial and legal knowledge in order to bridge the gap between corporates and innovative FinTech solutions

Dr Rowland Illing

Dr Rowland Illing is Chief Medical & Digital Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President for Affidea, the largest independent provider of medical imaging and outpatient services in Europe, with responsibility for the clinical governance framework and clinical business development for 245 clinical departments across 16 countries. He also leads the disruptive digital strategy for the group, focusing on telehealth and artificial intelligence.

James Savage

Editor, journalist, communications expert James Savage is a co-founder and publisher of The Local, the largest provider of news in English in nine European countries. Headquartered in Stockholm, digital news publisher The Local focuses on the high value expat market and reaches 6 million monthly users. James has a focus on populism, especially in the context of Sweden and Brexit.


Joel Cohen

Emmy-Winning Writer and Producer of The Simpsons. Joel H. Cohen—writer/producer for The Simpsons, winner of two Emmy Awards and three Writers Guild Awards, author of "How to Lose a Marathon". What does it take to stay creative and innovative for more than 30 years? Speaker Joel Cohen has won two Emmy awards for his contribution to The Simpsons – a TV show known for its satirical comedy and loyal fan base. Joel has delivered keynotes worldwide about creativity, innovation and teamwork, and his unique background gives him an entirely different and interesting perspective as he draws parallels between making comedy tv-shows and the challenges of the corporate world. It takes teamwork, dedication and innovation for such a long-running show to still be popular today.